Monday, August 5, 2013

It's Official... I'm an iPad Mini Owner!

This past weekend, I took advantage of the tax free break and made a couple purchases. Some of which were spontaneous, such as my new iPad Mini!

I had been talking to the husband about wanting to buy an eReader lately. I was originally thinking between the Nook and the Kindle but he thought, why not the iPad? Good point. Didn't think about it. The biggest reason I hadn't considered the iPad was due to the price ($499). I am not a huge technology buff in which I need to have the latest tech gadgets they come out with (which seems to be every six months). I don't buy in to the hype. I think when I finally purchased an iphone, it had already been out for four or five years. I usually wait for the right timing for me... contract ending, good deals, money saved, etc. Not sure I was that serious to drop $500 plus for a new gadget. This conversation probably happened like a week ago.

Well this morning, I happened to look at the Target weekly ad and saw that they were giving away gift cards for their iPads/minis. That caught my eye, along with the Tax Free advertisement.

Gift Card + Tax Free? Things just got serious.

I immediately began my research. Looking up articles, reviews, comparisons on the iPad vs Mini and texting friends who were iPad owners to get their thoughts. As I somewhat alluded above, I didn't need anything too fancy as my main purpose for getting this is for reading, some movies, games, and a little web browsing. A lot of the feedback I was getting during my research wass that the mini suited my needs perfectly. It does pretty much the same as the iPad but more than $100 cheaper and more compact (can easily carry in my purse).

Another added bonus, I had a couple gift cards saved from previous job recognitions that cut $130 off the price ($329). I ended up paying $199 exactly, out of pocket. Score!

Then with the $25 gift card I received with the purchase, I bought this pink case.

But of course, I already have my eye on another case I want to buy for it (or if lucky, Santa Claus will have it under the christmas tree for me. Which ever comes first.)

The Petula Stripe Mini iPad Folio by Kate Spade.

So sleek and professional looking. Absolutely love it!


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