Monday, August 12, 2013

Traveling 101: Carry On Tote Essentials

Friday, I will be boarding a plane to fly to Ohio. I have not been on an airplane since my honeymoon over two years ago. Gonna be honest, not too excited about having to fly. Especially since I will be flying solo and with the some recent events.

When I was in high school, I used to fly up to Ohio to visit my dad at least twice a year. Flying was a breeze for me. I typically got settled in and would fall asleep.  But then 9/11 happened and my dad moved to FL and I didn't fly as often. Now, I am a jitterbug the whole flight through until all tires of the plane are safely on the group.

So, I am starting to mentally prepare myself now and think of things to take on the airplane to entertainment myself and make the flight as pleasant as possible.


Vera Bradley Mail Bag (in Ribbons) - I got this bag last year especially for traveling and going on vacations. Enough space to carry my necessities and guide maps, if needed.

iPad Mini - I can download movies and books for entertainment while on the plane.

Coach Waverly Wallet - Purchased this wallet like two years ago at the outlets. After all the discounts, I ended up getting it for half the price. Love it and still in great condition.

Chapstick Cake Batter - I am a chapstick girl. I rotate between my chapsticks and EOS balms. This is a must for me where I go.

Pink Neck Rest - I believe I bought this like four years ago at Target for my flight to Italy. Obviously since I don't flight much, it's like brand new.

Gum - Help with the ear poppin'. I am a spearmint fan.

Ear Phones - I have the regular ear phones you get when you purchase an iPhone. Not my favorite but I don't need them very often, so it will do.

Water - This will have to be purchased once past security. I try not to drink a lot water because I loathe using the restroom on the plane. Once I'm down and buckled in I stay there until we have landed. However, still something good to have in hand.

iPhone 5 - Well this is just a given.

Also, not pictured above... a pair of socks. I stick to flip flops when traveling in the airport because of security check in. Whatever to make the process easier and less stressful right? I like to carry socks to keep my feet warm on the plane.

I think that pretty much covers it. Am I missing anything? What are your travel essentials?


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