Friday, September 20, 2013

Career Planner Quiz

The other day, while having a slight emotional breakdown of my current job situation, I decided to take an online quiz to see what were the best careers for my skills and strengths. I am sure that I have taken these types of quizzes once or twice in my life but never took it seriously. Oh how I wish I did.

I googled "free quiz for career choice" and the first site it suggested was I took the Career Planner Quiz which consisted of about 25 questions of "I'd rather" type questions. Quite simple, really. Below were my results.

Dead. On.

Seriously, the hobbies listed there are pretty much my hobbies.

When I read the summary and look at the types of careers it lists, I realize that I am in the wrong field. I thrive on being creative and in my job role, there is no room for this type of creativity. I do have side projects and committees at work where I am able to use my creativity and I find I am happiest then. I knew that I have always been a creative person but for some reason, seeing it in writing like this is enlightening. Makes it real and true. I now have a better understanding of what types of careers would truly utilize my skills and strengths. Never to late to pursue what truly makes you happy.


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