Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hillsborough Power Lunch: Live Your Purpose

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a Professional Women's Luncheon. Hillsborough Power Lunch: Live Your Purpose hosted by Working Women of Tampa Bay. I went with a good friend of mine and her co-worker which helped ease my anxiety of meeting new people.

I remembered to be a good blogger and photograph my experience. Unfortunately, as you will see, lighting is not that great as we have had rainy weather the past couple days.

We were one of the first guests there so as soon as we found our seats, we began inspecting the menu options. Just a random thought, how can you meet new people and hold conversations while biting into a burger? Needless to say, I opted for the chicken caesar salad.

Once more ladies came trickling in, we began talking with each other. I quickly realized that business cards are a must for these types of events.

Need to work on that. 

Karen Gillman, an ambassador for WWoTB, welcomed everyone and introduced the key note speaker Vicky Westra. She shared her personal story of adopting her daughter when she was young and learning that she was autistic.  Her experience and passion led her to found of Art for Autism and owner of Artista Cafe. Truly admirable.

She also imparted her words of wisdom on how she was able to leave a senior role in Corporate America to start this business and organization.

Her three tips were:

  1. Set Your Objectives - Focus on what you want. The more clear the better. 
  2. Align Yourself with Your Objective - Visualize. See yourself doing what you want. Also, be careful with your words. Stay positive. "It's gonna happen!!" 
  3. Walk in appreciation. This will set the tone for you to get to the next step.

After some Q&A, we were served our lunch.

For our sweet tooth, we received samples of toffee from one of the sponsors.

Overall, had a great time. I plan attending more of these types of events and, hopefully, will be a little better at networking. 


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