Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Cooler Weather

Hello cool weather! We have FINALLY broke out of the high 80's low 90's temperatures!! I walk out the door the other morning and was greeted with the crisp fall air. Made me so happy. Hopefully, it is not shortlived and stays here for a while.

2. Cornfusion Maze

I have to tell ya'll. We have been doing a pretty good job with checking things off my Fall bucket list. This Saturday we are going to a Corn Maze/Fall Festival and I am excited! Last year we wanted to go do this and ended up not going because we kept holding off to go with friends. Yeah, not this year. We planned a date and invited peeps, and told ourselves we were going with or without. Well, we have some friends going with us and I can't wait to go and have a good time!

3. Reign

Have you seen it? I've only seen the pilot for this show and I am already a big fan. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets good ratings and the CW takes it full on for a season.

4. Fall Road Trip

This Mr., Gracie and I are heading off for our Fall Road Trip soon. Wish us luck that we planned correctly and get to see some Fall foliage!

5. Job Tour

It's official. When I return from my vacation, I will be starting my job tour! Holy smokes! I can't believe its really happening. I am too excited to start this tour and can't wait to blow the socks off these people!


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  1. just popped on over from the linkup! yay! loving all of the fall fun in this post! and i need to check out that reign preview. thanks girl!