Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Office Inspiration Board

Okay, I am really excited about this post! We have a third bedroom which has really had no purpose and accumulating junk for the past couple years. Our plan was that it would be the baby room whenever we had our baby. Since we are not ready to have a little one of our own, the Mr and I both agreed there was no point in just letting the third room go to waste. So ,we are going to make it my Office/Craft room or as I like to put it my "Girl Cave". I am thrilled to have my own little creative space and can't wait for it to be done!

I've been stalking and pinning away on Pinterest and getting ideas of what I want this room to look like. I want it to be girly, chic, and relaxing. I am excited to have an area that I can freely make girly without any concerns that I am living with a male. Throughout the house I have tried to keep it more neutral and not use any pink because its not just my place. But there are no considerations going on in this room. Especially since the Mr. has his own office that is very much masculine.

I put together a little inspiration board to capture all the little details I have liked during my pinning and searching to have a better visual of my plan for the room. I have fallen in love and we have barely started the project! Goal is to have it done before the end of the year.

Wall Color: The color of the walls are going to be Valspar Oat Bran. I love this color. This is the color in our Master Bed/Bath and Guest Bathroom on the second floor. I actually want to paint the whole house this color once we've completed some other things in the house. I decided to stick to this color because I figured a neutral color would make the change into baby room easy when that day comes. I plan on having neutral color walls in the baby room so its perfect.

Accent Colors: Blush Pink. White/Ivory. Black. Gold.

Curtains: For the wall with the windows, I want to paint wide horizontal stripes similar to this. Since I will have all that going on on that wall, I want to put simple white curtains. These are from JCP the Martha Stewart collection.

Lighting - I go back and forth about putting a chandelier type fixture such as this in room because I need to have a ceiling fan here in Florida. So I am still undecided if I will definitely switch to a light fixture, but if I do this is a definite candidate.

Desk - The Liatorp from IKEA is the fave of many bloggers. I checked it out in person and love it. 

Mirrors - I want to have a large floor mirror in the room but would also like to have smaller ones for accent such as these from Target. 

Owls - These little guys are just lovely. Would love to place them either on a book shelf or some other piece of furniture I may get. 

Dress Form - For some reason, I really like these things. I am not sure why or when I started liking them but I do. This one is from PB Teen and would make the perfect addition in one of the room corners. 

Dachshund Book Ends - This is an obvious. When I saw them on Z Gallerie's website I knew they had to me mine. Need to make sure to purchase them before they are gone!

Pink Peonies - I would like to have a small floral arrangement of pink peonies on my desk. They are pretty, girly, and just the perfect touch pink.

Here are a few of the rooms that have been my muses while creating my inspiration board for this room.

I will make sure to provide a before/after post when it's all done. Stay tuned!


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