Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Style: Riding Boots

I believe it's no surprise that a staple item for fall and every gals closet are a nice pair of boots. A fall outfit isn't complete until you've got the perfect pair of boots. I have a couple pairs of boots that I have collected over the years but I have yet to add a good pair of riding boots to my closet.

Now, if I were a rich girl and money were no factor, I would love this pair from Tory Burch.


SWOON!!! I have seen other fashion bloggers do outfit of the days sporting these lovelies. Love the color and the gold detail. However, my wallet does not like the $495 price tag. And I am pretty sure that the husband would agree with my wallet. One day.

So as always, the bargainista that I am, I started scouting for a budget friendly pair that would do the job. Here are a few of my finds.
Enough online browsing, I'm ready to try some on! Hope to get a pair of my own sometime soon. Would be perfect to have a pair for our upcoming Fall Road Trip!


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