Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Shopping Finds

Hello friends! It's Monday, and I am not ready for it. Boo.

Enough of that. This weekend we had some crazy foggy misty action going on here in the Sunshine State. Felt like we were in Seattle for a moment. Thanks to the crappy weather, the only fun thing to do was shop! Hey, that's okay in my book.

We did some shopping for the home. Got some chairs from IKEA for the dining room table and a ghost chair for my office. I am very pleased with how everything is coming along. Slowly. But it's getting there.

While we were out and about, I decided I wanted to stop by Kohls. I received a gift card from there during Christmas and just did not have the chance to go over there. Since I've lost quite a bit of weight (20 LBS!!!) I have been in desperate need of clothes! Particularly clothes for work. Figured that was the best opportunity to do a little shopping with the giftcard. I got two button down collered shirts which was great. But what I am most happiest about is this beauty!!!

Totally unplanned. I was just walking around and from a distance I saw it and had to have it. Normally, its $70 but I got it for $40. SWEET! I love the stripes! So chic and reminds me Kate Spade. The inside is has a divider and side pockets, making this OCD girl very happy.

Then today, I ran over to Ulta to use my coupon and found these nail polishes. I knew that Carrie Underwood was doing a collaboration with Nicole by OPI and tried searching earlier but had no success. Until now.


I didn't want to be that person that buys the whole collection, so I chose my top two faves, Sweet Daisy and Carnival Cotton Candy. Who am I kidding? I am probably gonna go get more.

Now back to the grind!

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