Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Review: Knowing Your Value

Okay, I must start with a confession. This book took me months to read. Shameful. I started this book in the fall and couldn't get the motivation to read it. Until a couple weeks ago, where I made it a point to get through this book because I have a pile of books waiting to be read.

Mika Brzezinski shares her story working in the media industry and not being paid her worth. She was co-host on the Morning with Joe show, and Joe made a lot more money than she did even though she contributed the same to the show which lead to its success. So she talks about this struggle she had about settling when it came to her salary and then reaching a point where she was done settling.

In addition to her own personal story, she interviews various women and men to get their opinion on knowing your value. Some of the people she interviewed included people like Sheryl Sandberg and Donald Trump. It was interesting to see the different point of views of value and how to get what you deserve.

So my thoughts on this book.... not sure how I feel about it. If I'm to be honest. Some of Mika's suggestions are gutsy and I feel would land me with a pink slip. Don't get me wrong, I totally get where she is coming from but her approach may not work in every case. For me, it is difficult to demand more money when I am offered a job. Not sure if it's because of the type of company I work for, but I think demanding more money is asking for that job offer to be revoked. I can't take that chance. I am that woman that she talks about in the book. Haha.

I'm excited to start my next book. Taking a break from the Career type books and going to read The Great Gatsby.


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