Saturday, March 22, 2014


Last night the Mr. and I went to see the Broadway Musical, Evita. We got there a tad early.... as in one hour and a half early. Thank you husband. To kill some time, I got coffee at a near by coffee shop and took a stroll by the river. Good thing the weather was beautiful. Great opportunity for a photo.


Music was amazing. It was basically all musical, not much talking which apparently the husband wasn't a fan of. There were lots of moments where I either got the goosebumps or wanted to get up and dance! Seriously, the Argentinian Tango is just a beautiful dance. It's inspired me to want to take dance lessons. Let's see if this rhythmless, uncoordinated Latina can learn to dance the Argentinian Tango.

I loved the music, the dancing and storyline. When I was younger I watched the movie Evita with Madonna and Antonio Banderas and loved it too. I used to have the movie in VHS but that got lost along the way. Now, after watching the show, I want to buy both DVD and soundtrack! Debating between getting the movie soundtrack or the musical soundtrack.


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