Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Official!

I got the call yesterday! They provided me the job offer and I accepted it. Duh. This is a huge promotion for me. Can we talk about how happy I am to have received the call? Seriously, the wait time was killing me.

As you know, I interviewed on Monday and it was a panel style interview. So three managers on one side of the table and me on the other. No pressure, right? I, of course, left the interview feeling ehh. I knew some questions I blew away but then wasn't too sure of the other ones. But since accepting the offer, I have been receiving great feedback on my interview! They were all blown away by not only my presentation and articulation, but also the questions I brought to the table. Gotta make sure I save those for the future. So this was a huge compliment for me and really makes me feel better about the interview. Apparently, I am not giving myself enough credit.

Since Monday, I had been hearing different things on when I would receive the call and if I would have to have a second interview. Some people did in the past and some didn't. Then, it started sounding like I would hear something by today for sure. I had my mind set that I would hear on Friday, so when I got the call yesterday I was surprised. A good surprise. But what was hilarious about it all, is that since in our office floor, we don't really have desks, we are at big tables... I had to try to be inconspicuous as I walked away to have the call. Yeah, once I arrived, my facial expression alone gave away my news. My team was just as thrilled which makes me feel even better!

Can't wait to begin this new journey. I know I've already been doing it for the past few months, but now I have the actual job title. It feels like my road to this has taken longer than I would have wanted. I encountered some set backs but did not give up. Which I think is most important.


A great start to my weekend for sure. Let the celebrating begin!


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