Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Job Update.

I haven't really provided a work update since I started my tour of duty back in the beginning of November. Originally, this tour was supposed to only be three months long but because of my high performance and the need, it has been extended a couple times now. Which has been great! I absolutely love what I am doing and enjoy going in to work. I've been kicking butt and doing my best to get a permanent position in the team.

Well, recently this group has gone through a restructure and as a result has created new open positions. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. However, we have been hearing about the new restructure for about two months now and positions are now finally posting. So I have been on the edge since the first discussion of this restructure  Of course, every other position has been posted except for the one I want. Figures. Needless to say, I check a million times a day to see if it's been posted.

I expressed my interest in applying for one of these positions and have been working with my manager to get myself ready for the interview process. Which I usually interview really well, eventhough I always get the jitters before. Also updated my resume to include the experience I've acquired on this tour. The lack of HR experience has always been my pitfall, so this should help out a lot!

All I have left to do is keep working hard and leave the rest in God's hands. Which, Lord knows, can be SO DIFFICULT for me!!! But I know, from experience, that when I don't try to take complete control and leave it in His hands, everything works out great.


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