Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monogram Me.

One of my current obsessions lately are monograms. Love. I own a necklace with my monogram that was a Valentine's Day gift from the Mr. last year.

Let me tell you, I receive so many compliments when I wear that necklace. I love that it is also a classic piece that I can wear for years to come. It's gold-plated, so I imagine that at some point it will fade.

I have been eyeing other things to get with my monogram. One being a monogram necklace in silver. I don't want it to be the same style as the one I currently own and have been looking into these options.


I also came across this tortoise monogram necklace on Pinterest and love it.

Of course, as with many things I have found on Pinterest, it is out of stock. But I have pinned it and will continue to check and see if it will be restocked to order.

Another item I saw on Pinterest is this adorable mason jar travel mug.

How cute is this? You know me and stripes. I sas that these are available on the Marley Lilly site. I'm sure some Etsy vendors have them as well. I also want to get this in navy and pink, a color combination that I am quickly obsessing over and will more than likely be my go to color combo this spring/summer.

Finally, another item on my wishlist is a baseball cap with my monogram.

I was telling the Mr. how I want to build up my current hat collection. At the moment, I only have one hat. Ha. I want to get more baseball caps to wear. My first pick will probably be pink and white lettering.  Also want to get some fedora hats, not necessarily monogrammed, which are a staple item for the summer. Old Navy have a couple that I want to buy.

So these are just a few things on my list. But I am pretty sure it won't stop here. I mean, if you search monogram alone in Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!


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