Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Favorites: March

Some of my favorites from this month are:


Bath & Body Works Coconut Leaves Candle. If you like the smell of suntan oil, you will love this candle. I need to go back and stock up on another candle and get some wall flowers.


Dessert Skittles. Had this at my friend's house for T's Bachelorette party and immediately bought a bag the next day. So yummy.

For Christmas, my mom gave me a little perfume sample box from Victoria Secrets, and I have been reaching for this sample the most. It's on my to-buy list. That bottle alone has me sold. So cute.

Okay, read this book in like four days. Loved it that much. Can't believe I didn't enjoy it in high school. Probably cause I didn't care for reading. Oh, how have times changed. Will talk a little more about this on another post.


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