Friday, March 14, 2014

Prepping for an Interview.

Ok folks! Monday is going to be the big day. My interview was finally scheduled. Let the nerves prepping begin!

I have been prepping mentally for this interview for some time now. Working with my manager to obtain good examples to provide during my interview. It is so important to come with solid examples for interviews to show that you are capable of doing the job and why they would be silly to not give it to you!

I am pretty familiar with the interviewing process for my company and there is definitely an emphasis on behaviorial type questions. Specific to our Firm's values and behaviours etc. I am feeling pretty confident with that. What I am not ready for is a panel interview! I will be interviewed by three managers at once. No pressure, right? Good thing is that I know these managers and have a good relationship with them. They know my work ethich and competence. So that at least eases some of my nerves.

Tonight, I plan on doing a little shopping for a suit. Yes, I do not have a suit. Shame on me. I would actually like to get a skirt suit. For a more feminine touch. Plus, I'm in need of more skirts. Kill two birds with one stone.

I've been doing a little browsing online, and saw a couple at JCPenneys that were nice and afforable! Like I said, didn't own a suit because I never wear them. Sure as heck don't want to put down an arm and leg for one.

Usually the rule of thumb is to go with black or navy for a suit. The last one is a black/ivory pin dot material giving it a lighter look which I appreciate. Online at least. My opinion can totally change once in store. We shall see what I end up with!


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