Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Red Shoe Movement.

This morning I read a post on my company's internal site about the Red Show Movement, an organization  that supports women for career success. The founder of this movement is Mariela Dabbah who is also the authoer of "Find Your Inner Red Shoes". Will be adding this to my reading list. I was intrigued and visited the site and it has loads of articles, quizzes, and stories. I tried taking one of the quizzes, "Are You Ready to Move Up the Ladder" but my computer was acting up, so will have to take it at home.

Oh,there are even little red shoe charms that I thought were just the cutest! Totally must purchase one to put on my charm bracelet!

Obviously with the name "Red Shoe" movement, our women's group here are asking all women wear red shoes on Wednesday for the month of March to celebrate and embrace the success of all women. Men can wear a red tie or socks to support. I clearly got the memo late, as today is Wednesday, so I do not have red shoes on but will make sure to do it next week!


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