Monday, March 17, 2014

Renaissance Festival.

Top of the mornin' to ya! Happy St. Patricks day! Unfortunately, I'm not sporting any green at work because I have my interview today, but will be changing into something green for tonight. We are having a lil St. Patty celebration at Life Group tonight and have asked everyone to wear green. I will take pictures of that for a post.

So, this weekend was a very busy weekend for me. Saturday I was asked to be a wedding planner, found my outfit for today then celebrated my friend's last girl's night as a single lady. Well, Sunday was just as busy! We had church in the morning and then went to the Renaissance Festival. It's an annual event that last for about a month. I have never been and boy was it a scene. Every one working there were in full character mode! I am sure I had some facial expressions or two when I saw some of the outfits. Some people have no shame I tell you.

Beware, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.

The queen strolling by in the parade.


Oh yes, there were lots of fairies. Some cute, some not so much.

S and I getting are grub on. I was starving so this was our first mission.


S wanted to do the Archery. One of the few things I felt could be safe for him to do. Throwing axes was not one of them.


No Renaissance Festival would be right without a Jousting. Even the Queen was in attendance, sitting under the tent while the rest of us little people roasted in the sun.

Overall, fun time. However, there were some lessons to be learned. One, wear tennis shoes. As you can probably tell in the picture, the whole event was in a wooden area and lots of dirt. Unknowingly, I wore sandals. Yeah, by the end of our time there, our feet were filthy. As soon as I got home I immediately jumped in the shower and got to scrubbing! Second, avoid going on a windy day. In theory, having a breeze sounds nice to cool yourself down, not so much when there is dirt everywhere. I got dirt in my eyes so many times that by the end of the day, my eyes were burning! Didn't matter that I had sunglasses on. Dirt still managed to get in my eyes. Now I know for next time!

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