Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tiffany's Bachelorette Party Recap.

So last night I went to my friend's bachelorette party that was hosted by Elizabeth. I've known these girls from high school and it just crazy to see us all grown up working, getting married and starting families. Seriously, time has flown by!

Let me start off by saying that Elizabeth did a fabulous job planning the evening. She had a pre-party at her house with the most cutest step up! I was so proud of her. Drinks table full of pink drinks with dirty names. Of course, only the most appropriate center piece, Ken doll naked with a tux top in a pool of skittles and "weiner" shaped gummies in a martini glass....  Yes, I said "weiner". You get what I am saying and we shall leave it at that. There were a lot of "weiner" accessories including the Bachelorette's candy necklace, large pink straw (we had mini ones to match) and pacifier. HILARIOUS. Oh, can't forget the "weiner" shaped cake with drunk Barbie on top which by the way was delicious.

After the pre-party, we went to a restaurant/bar for dinner and were met by some more guests including a sassy old lady who rocked a little black dress! We had nice time there and that is where I left while the rest continued on partying the rest of the evening. I'm sure they had fun. This gal had an early morning the next day and a long drive home. Couldn't get too crazy.

Now, in just two weeks she will be off in Vegas marrying her future husband. Wish you the best Tiffany!


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  1. Gratitude for sharing Tiffany's Bachelorette Party Recap here. All the photos are clearly depicting that everyone had wonderful time in this bash. At one of the local Seattle venues I will also be hosting a bridal bash and would like to use these ideas.