Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap.

Oh, hi. And we're back to the work week fun. Awesome.

So we didn't really have plans this weekend, aside from my girls night which you can read about here. Saturday morning I wanted to take a little trip to Zephyrhills to visit the new Hobby Lobby. This place is amazing but also very overwhelming to look through. I ended up not getting anything but at least know where it's located.

On the way back, we decided to stop by this founder's day celebration they were having in their downtown. We were actually trying to see if we could find a cafe or place to have lunch. Ended up getting some BBQ from one of the booths and the world's largest sweet tea from another.

It was nice doing something out of the norm.

When we got home I finished the final details on my St. Patty's wreath. Now the house decked out for St. Patty's, and by that I mean, we have a wreath and flag.

While I crafted, the husband baked and made these delicious strawberry scones.

Sunday morning we were slackers and skipped church. My fault because since I was out later than usual plus the time change and losing an hour, I did not want to get out of bed this morning. It happens.

Trying to do something different, we decided to have lunch off the beach. Truth be told it's been years since I've been to the beach. That's a true story. I am not a fan of the beach. However, the weather was so beautiful that I didn't want to miss being outdoors.

We had lunch at Frenchy's in the patio. It was so nice to be out there and just relax.

When we finished there we walked to go get some ice cream at a near by ice cream shop.

We hopped back into the car and headed back home.

This may sound ridiculous but we were so proud of ourselves for having been spontaneous and driving out to the beach for us. This is so not typical of us. We are planners. If we are going anywhere outside the 10 mile radius of our home, we plan. So the fact that we just spur-of-the-moment drove out over there was an accomplishment. Who knows what's next??

Okay, back to reality.


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