Thursday, April 17, 2014

A good laugh courtesy of Southwest.

Let me start off by saying that I loathe flying in a plane. I am a hot mess when I fly. No lie. If I can drive to the destination, I will. Even if its 15 plus hours long. Anything to avoid being in the air. I am that person that stares down a flight attendant the second there is any time of turbulence or unusal noise to see their facial expression. If flight attendant is calm, we are good.

Well the past couple times I've flown, I've gone on Southwest. Hello great prices. The first time I flew Southwest, there was an older lady that was doing the announcements and she was the funniest lady ever. I was laughing so much that I for that time, forgot about my anxiety. Of course, that anxiety returned during take off. But it wasn't as bad.

I heard about this video yesterday on the radio while driving to work. They played some snippits from the video and I was cracking up in the car. It's a flight attendant from Southwest crackin' jokes. I searched for the full video on youtube and wanted to share. Enjoy!


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