Monday, April 28, 2014

Addie Mae.

I am happy to introduce to you all the newest addition to our familia.

Miss Addie Mae.

(Stole this picture from the breeder)

Is she not the most precious pup ever? Aside from Miss Gracie Lou, of course. She is just as adorable.

We picked her up Saturday. Finally got to make the announcement to friends and family. It has been killing us to keep this secret. Not sure why we made it a secret. Just thought it would be surprise everyone I guess.

So, the Mr. and I have been talking about getting another pup for some time now. Mainly for Gracie to have a friend. We knew we wanted another girl. So that they could be sisters etc. Once we were ready to add to our family, we went back and forth with getting another puppy from a breeder or adopting. This honestly was a very tough decision. We originally started looking for possible adoptions. We would come close to adopting, but would just get nervous about health issues etc. Also, being that we have a small dog, we wanted one that would be around the same size. For the most part, I would find a lot of big dogs, which wouldn't work for us. Then if we happen to come across a small dog that was around the 2-3 yr old range, they would go quickly!

Finally, we decided, it would be best to get another puppy from the breeder we got Gracie from. At the beginning of this year, the breeder posted on her Facebook page that they would be breeding one of her dogs and expected a litter around late March timeline. We connected with her to let her know our interest. When the pups were born we put a deposit down and chose the chocolate dapple, which I love her color.

What's even funnier is that Gracie and Addie are actually half sisters! They share the same father. He gets around apparently. Haha.

Also, Gracie has been doing great with her. I was holding my breath that she would embrace her and not be aggressive. Seriously, Gracie was and is being a pro. Even sharing her toys with her. She has been wanting to play with her but tends to get a little too hyper and doesn't realize her size in comparison to Addie. She will body slam her and then we have to separate them. But don't worry about Addie, she knows how to hold her own. She has gotten a few nips in there.

Here are some more pics I've taken over the weekend. I think I have taken like 50 and only like 5 turned out clear. She is not a fan of picture taking. Gonna have to change that real quick.

Snuggling on the couch X's two.


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