Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review: The Great Gatsby

This is the second time I've read this book. The first time I read skimmed through it was in high school, maybe freshmen or sophomore year, for required reading. Back then, I was not into reading. If there were Spark notes for the book, I was more than likely going to read that instead of the book. I wish I wasn't like that and would have read it and appreciated it. But I didn't. My goal is to read all those books that were required reading in high school again and truly enjoy them.
Well fast foward to like last year (?) when the movie came out with Leonardo DiCaprio. When I saw the movie trailer, I was absolutely mesmerized and couldn't wait to see in theaters. I have an absolute love for the 20s, 30s and 40s time periods. My engagement pictures and wedding had a vintaage theme. I tell S all the time, that I should have been born in the time period. When I saw the movie I knew I wanted to buy the movie and really read the book because I know the book is almost always ten times better than the movie. Also, the movie inspired me to having 20s theme for my thirtieth birthday and I can not wait!!

So, when the movie came out on DVD, Target had a promotion going on that you can purchase the Blue Ray and get the book on some discount. I bought the book and added it to the pile of books I plan on reading.

Well, during our vacation to Asheville, I finished reading Knowing Your Value and brought The Great Gatsby to read. Okay, you know how I said it took me months to get through KYV? Yeah I finished The Great Gatsby in like four days. I LOVED it! It may be because as I read it I had a visual from the movie to go along with it. Surprisingly, I thought the movie followed the book pretty closely, outside of Carraway being in an asylum or rehab. That was outside of the book storyline. Gatsby, sigh. Such a hopeless romantic. I can't get over the "old sport" phrase. DiCaprio seriously did an amazing job with that role.

Really the book was great. Not difficult to read. I think like 180 pages long. When I would start reading, I found it hard to stop!

Now I must watch the movie ASAP.


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