Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Festivities.

This past weekend we were busy little bees prepping for the Easter celebration we were planning for our church. We were hosting the second annual Easter Egg Hunt in-between church services for the kiddos and refreshments for the families.

Earlier that week, I went to a Miss Val's house and, along with several ladies, we stuffed a ridiculous amount of Easter eggs. We actually ran out of candy before eggs.

Then Saturday, I was running around like a mad woman trying to find decor for the day. My original intentiones were to get balloons for the walkway to the Pavilion and flowers for the tables. Keep it simple and low cost. We attend a small church and don't have a grand budget for events.. Challenges me to think outside the box most times. Yes, well, the locations I went to for flowers had crappy ones. Then Publix, which is typically our go to for balloons, was closed on Sunday. I was striking out right and left. I felt defeated.

Well to add to this feeling, on Sunday morning I received a call that we were low on our Panera supply and needed to pick up more food. AWESOME.

So we drive to Winn-Dixie to get drinks, and while there I found Lilies for $5.99. SWEET!. Picked up some of those. Then ran to Dunkin Donuts to purchase five dozen donuts. I may have purchased one or two for my breakfast.

Got to church, set up and boom. Easter Celebration complete.

Grand Prize winners received these baskets. Umm, can we talk about how much I loved the purple one?! I want that owl piggy bank!


Photo op with the hubs.

Please excuse the hot mess I was. My hair was on another level. The misty air was bringing out the craziness like no body's business. And because I was running behind that morning, I forgo the eye liner and felt bare with out it.

He, however, looked so handsome :) 

Miss Val who helped coordinate the actual Easter Egg Hunt. She's a doll.

Overall, it was a great event. Every one loved it. It's funny how I can feel like I am so unprepared for these events, yet every one thinks they are awesome. Fake it til you make it baby!

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