Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Ending.

Our neighborhood Sandhill Cranes recently had babies! True sign that we are in Spring. Love to the see these litttle guys strolling around in our backyard.

Yesterday we had a scary experience with the family.

We live in a community of townhomes, so of course, all dogs must be leashed when outside. Well, leave it up to ignorant neighbors who don't know how to follow rules. Someone let their two big dogs loose. I'm talking one that looks like a german shepard and another one about that same size. Not sure what it is. Needless to say, as I am sitting at the dining room table, I see two dogs just speeding by.

First thing I think of, is the family that just passed by to which I hear them start going nuts. S and I ran out to the back and see birds going nuts and the dogs running around them. My heart sank. They were being aggressive with them, I think, but they are big dogs. Can easily take out one of the babies by playing. At first we had no idea where the dogs came from and then there comes the owner just taking his good old time. Sergio lets him know that there are babies over there that we are concerned about. Clearly didn't phase the guy cause he kept at his turtle speed pace. Can we talk about how much I wanted to pounce on the guy?! Once the dogs took off, again, the family came back our way with only one baby. I was so upset. S tried looking for the other baby but couldn't find it.

Well, I would say a couple hours later, as I am preparing my lunch, I hear the birds make some noise. So I ran to the window and see them coming back from the area they went too and then heard peeping. Low and behold the baby that was missing returned. Family was reunited! That made my day. I still want to punch my neighbor in the face for his stupidty but at least there is a happy ending.

Here is the family after reuniting. So sweet.


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