Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life lately.

Oh, hi there blog world. It's been a couple weeks.

So the low down on what's gone on this month so far...

We celebrated S's 34th birthday at the beginning of this month. We did two birthday celebrations that week.... that's how we roll. At life group, I had an ice cream cake surprise for him. Dairy Queen Reese's PB Cup Blizzard cake to be exact. It was pretty delicious.

Then on the actual day of his birthday, we went over to his parents house where his mom made him a special birthday dinner. Then we celebrated with another cake, this time a chocolate peanut butter cake courtesy of Publix. See a recurring theme here? The boy loves chocolate and peanut butter. Then his mom made brownies. Needless to say it was a chocolate overload kind of week.

Last weekend, we went over to St. Pete for the Festival of Speed event. Basically a car show of classic cars, exoctic cars and motorcycles. Apparently, this was the eleventh year they've had this event, however its the first time I have ever heard of it. It was nice to look at the cars, however the place was crowded and the parking was a joke. But we did some classic beauties like this one.

Lastly, we got a new washer and dryer. Umm, can we talk about how excited I was? Seriously, when did the change happen that I would be excited about appliances? In my defense, you don't realize how important it is to have a working washer until it breaks down on you. We were out a washer for about two weeks and depended on parents to get our clothes cleaned.So happy to have these puppies!

That is what has gone down the past couple weeks in between keeping very busy with work. Will save that update for another post.


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