Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Style: Old Navy Tees

If I haven't declared this already, I love Old Navy.

This weekend Old Navy had 30% off everything in store sale going on. I stopped by to see if there was anything I could get for an Easter outfit and ended up leaving with three graphic tees. Figures. I mean, I have been in need of new tees, so I wasn't completely off with the shopping. Also, I am a big fan of Old Navy tees. Decent quality for the price you pay. 

I was able to locate two of the three I purchased online.
The third tee is grey and has a black heart and the word forever. Apparently I like grey.

The blue and white one was on display at the entrance of the store and it caught my eye. Has a very costal feel to me which I like. And the grey, I just liked that quote. Great reminder.


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