Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Recap: Poolside. Wedding Planning. Michael Kors haul.

Once again, the plan for this weekend was to relax and rejuvenate. Work has been a little crazy that by Friday, I am in desperate need of rest. I've made it a priority to plan nothing on the weekend, mainly so I can be lazy.

Saturday morning, I caught up on my shows from last week while drinking coffee on the couch. Doesn't get any better than that. Later in the morning, we went out by the pool and enjoyed the weather and sun. It was perfect because we practically had the place to ourselves except one or two other guests.

During the afternoon I treated myself to a pedicure. Then strolled over to Office Depot to make some purchases with the gift card a friend from my previous Finance team gave me as a gift for my promotion. She knows me well. Office supplies make me happy.

In the evening, we ended up going out to dinner with another couple at this Greek restaurant, Acropolis. This is definitely not the place for those with sensitive hearing. The music was on another level. I struggled to even hear my own thoughts and left with a ridiculous head ache.

Sunday, we were on the road early, heading south to look at a wedding venue for my friend's wedding. I was pretty excited to dust off my wedding planner cap and get the show on the road. I couldn't be more happier that my first wedding will be at this gorgeous location!

I took lots of pictures to get ideas. We also discussed where we are going to have the ceremony, reception etc. Ready to start sketching the floor plans!

After viewing the venue, we had lunch at Woody's Pub & Grill which is off the water. I now chuckle when I say the phrase "off the water" because of the discussion between S and I. Inside joke.


Then we went to the mall where I did some damage to my credit card Coach and Michael Kors. However, I justify the purchase with the fact that I always, said I would get myself a new work bag. Well, at coach I found the cutest wallet that at first I as going to get for myself and talked myself out of it. Then I remembered that Mother's Day is next month and it would make the perfect gift for my mom.

So I went ahead and made that purchase. Then I walked over to Michael Kors and bought myself a bag for work and a wristlet.The goal is to downsize my wallet. Tired of carrying a purse that feels like a bowling ball bag!

Can't wait to sport these new babies at work!!

Now, I am finishing off the evening watching The Young Victoria. I love this movie. May do a little cleaning and preparing for the work week. Whatever helps me get through it without losing my mind.


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