Friday, May 16, 2014


Today I have officially crossed over to a new decade.

My 30's.

How do I feel?

The same. Indifferent. For the past couple months I was slightly freaking out that I was ending my twenties. Thinking that I wasn't where I thought I would be by now. Problems that planners like me face. Try to plan ahead and then life happens. You would think I would have learned by now, but haven't.

I do feel that I am more confident as a person and know what I want in life. You are pretty much trying to figure all that out in your twenties. At least that was definitely my experience. I learned what I wanted in my marriage, career, and life in general.

Experiencing a divorce in my mid-20's is not one of my most proudest moments, but I learned so much through it. I knew what I really wanted in a husband and in my marriage. I also learned how to be a wife. I know that partly through that difficult experience, my marriage now is what it is today. Amazing. My husband is pretty awesome as well. Must give him tons of credit.

When I originally started college, I thought that accounting and numbers was the job for me. Once I started my full time job, in which I was always working with numbers and spreadsheets all day, I realized that that really wasn't the job for me. I switched the degree I was pursuing and received a Bachelors in Management. Most recently, I got a job in the HR field that I truly enjoy and love.

With my recent health diagnosis, I've learned that how I live my life and put in my body is so important. Eating right. Exercising. Being responsible and scheduling my annual doctor appointments and following doctor's orders. All can make a difference.

Nothing is stronger than the bond of family. I wouldn't say that I have a close family, but during this time, I have needed their support and appreciated having them close. Before this, I didn't think twice about moving away far from family, but my feelings have changed and I now realize how important it is to have them near by.

Most importantly and above all, my relationship with God. It can be so easy to let this fall at the bottom of the list when you go through the day to day craziness, but it the most important. I need to make this my priority. Rest in His word.

How will I be celebrating?

I have a party planned tomorrow. The theme is "Roaring Out of my 20's". Ever since I watched the movie, The Great Gatsby, I knew I wanted a 20's theme party. I started planning months ago and pinning my heart away on Pinterest. Here are some of the pins that have inspired my party planning:





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