Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meal Planning.

As I've been put on a dietary restriction, per doctor's orders, meal planning ahead has been a must prior to the work week. Even preparing the meals we can prepare ahead of time is a huge help.

Now let me clarify my dietary restriction. It's not as bad as it sounds, to be honest. If anything, it's exactly what we should all be eating. I will be the first to say, that I never followed this rule. I am not a fan of veggies so you rarely would find any on my plate. Also, I love carbs! Breads, pasta, pizza, you name it. Now having to count my carb intake, I realize how BAD they are for you! Every now and then, it's okay to splurge. But daily, not so much. Le sigh.


We've made Sunday to be our designated day to shop for our groceries and prepare the food we can prepare such as meats. I will cook brown rice to last the week, so it's an easy reheat for dinner.

Sunday morning while drinking my coffee I will search for recipes for the week and write done the ingredients. Then check through our pantry to see what we have and need.

Some of my favorite foodie bloggers with healthy delicious recipes are:

Skinny Taste - Her Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps are amazing! Trust me on this one.
Dashing Dish - Mentioned her before. Just go to her site.

I try to look for meals for different meats. Chicken, Ground turkey and fish. Then look for side dishes that fit those recipes. I will usually get about 4 meals put together and figure that some nights we will do leftovers or go out to eat.

After church, we head out, do groceries and get to prepping. It seriously takes a full day to shop and prep for meals. I kid you not. Last week, I prepared this Cilantro Lime Chicken, cooked brown rice and chopped pistachios for a salmon recipe. Deshelling and chopping up them pistachios alone took forever. Doing stuff like this ahead of time, makes cooking dinner the night of so much easier and faster.

There you have it. How we meal plan for the week. Seriously, a life saver. Have enough going on during the week. This makes one less thing to do.


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