Friday, May 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites: May

Let's just start off by saying, that this month has been anything but my favorite. Typically it is because it's my birthday month but it has been the toughest one to date. Let's keep our fingers crossed for June!

So, my favorite's for this month....


There has got to be some food involved, right? Bough these waffles on a whim while shopping at WholeFoods and they are so good! I've tried both the Sweer Banana and Blueberry Chia flavors. Both great! They are made with all natural ingredients and are Gluten Free for those that can not have gluten.


This is an obvious if you read my Dear Dara Maclean post. Such a good album.

My Roaring 20's 30th birthday party. Still haven't completed my post about this #slacker It's in draft, just need to add pictures. Had such a good time and loved all the outfits! Post to come soon.

My new car! I've name her Pearl. Original, I know. Totally loving her. 

That is it for the month of May. Ready to mark this month off the calendar!


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