Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nighttime Moisturizer.

I have recently been on the hunt for a good moisturizer to use in the evenings before bed. I currently use the Origins VitaZing Moisturizer in the mornings before putting my makeup. I love it. It has SPF in it and also has a little tint. Great for days when I don't feel like wearing makeup. Adds a little color to my skin. But obviously, I don't need SPF and tint for bedtime, so I want to get something for evenings. Especially now that I have hit the 30, it's important to stay on top of my skincare routine.

Looking for something that is light weight but moisturizing. I have pretty sensitive skin. Normal to combo. It can get oily in the T-zone area. But pretty dry during the winter months. I don't really have too many breakouts, thank you birth control.

I did some searching on YouTube and blogs for night time routines and have narrowed down a top three I would like to try.


I have really heard great things about Benefit products. I do have some of their makeup products which I enjoy. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try their skin care products. And I am a sucker for cute packaging.

As I mentioned above, I have an Origins moisturizer already and have no complaints.

I have only used the Korres lip butter. Which I liked it. Used it at night before bedtime. Saw this moisturizer on Sephora and read the reviews. There of course is a range of reviews. I may give this a try if the other two don't work.

I received a Sephora giftcard for my birthday and will be using that towards this purchase this weekend.


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