Saturday, May 31, 2014

Roaring Out of My 20's Party.

Please excuse the tardiness of this post...

On May 17th, we celebrated my 30th birthday 20's style. As I mentioned on my birthday post, after seeing the movie "The Great Gatsby" I knew I wanted to have a Roaring 20's themed birthday. Full on dress up and music.

We started planning a couple months back. Found the perfect venue. Said yes to the dress. Ordered the cake. S and his parents made the food. I handled the invites and decoration. I am glad that we worked on the details in advance considering the past two weeks have been anything but normal.

I will be honest, as excited as I was before about the party, day of I was the opposite. I had contemplated cancelling it with all that is going on now, but knew that I would regret it after. I didn't want my recent diagnosis to stop me from living life. We had so much going on the day of that by the time the party started, I was extremely exhausted. However, I am happy that we had it and it meant so much to me to have my family and friends there. I was even more happy that every one dressed up! Seriously, when I invited everyone, I really didn't think many would go through with it. I knew some were excited about dressing up and others not so much. When I saw every on in their 20's get up, it warmed my heart.

Here are some pics from the evening...

It was a great way to start off my 30's. I couldn't be more grateful for the people that God has put in my life.


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