Monday, June 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites: June

We are officially half way through the year. Crazy to think that in just a couple months we will be seeing fall decorations in the store. You know they start earlier and earlier each year.

Okay, back to this month's favorites...

Coco-Roons. I have been trying for healthier options to satisfy my sweet tooth. I came across this while shopping one day in Wholefoods. Umm, delicious. It's the perfect amount of sweetness. They have them in different flavors. We've tried Maple Syrup and Lemon. Both have been good. This time we got Cacao Nibs. Looking for to trying that.

Hint Water. I learned about this from various fitness bloggers who raved about it. You can see all the good things about it in theThey were on sale three for $4 the other day at Wholefoods so I bought a few flavors. Very impressed. Water with a hint of flavor.

Almay lipgloss. I bought this a couple weeks ago along with some other Almay products. Okay, confession. I bought them because Carrie Underwood is now their spokes person and well, I heart Carrie. Sadly, I wasn't in love with the other products. They are those eye color enhancing shadow trios, liner and mascara. Color pay off isn't that great. They were shimmery so when I washed at night there was glitter all over my face. The lip gloss I do like. A very natural color which I appreciate.


FIFA World Cup. Have you been following it? I have been so sucked in to it. I am not a soccer fan but the energy of it all is addicting. Although, watching this has reminded me of why I don't follow sports. I get way too emotional during the game. USA v. Portugal game. Those last 15 seconds?! UGHHHH. Brought back memories of when the Cleveland Indians would get to the World Series and lose. Same thing with the Tampa Bay Rays who would get to the World Series and screw up. I would get so upset and decided I just need to stop following it. But hey, World Cup only happens every 4 years. I think I can handle this. Looking forward to the USA v Belgium game on Monday. GO TEAM USA!


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