Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Old Navy Pixie Pants

One thing you should about me is that when I find something I like, particularly, clothes. Those boyfriend tees from Target?

Yeah, I got multiples. #sorrynotsorry

Well, I recently discovered the Pixie pants from Old Navy. I mean, I've known about them for a while... have you seen the commercials with Amy Pohler? Hilarious!

Last week, I stopped by Old Navy to look for shorts and I decided to try on one of those pixie pants. Perfection. I immediately bought a black pair to use for work. Dressy enough to be business casual but can easily wear out on the weekends. It's an ankle length which is perfect for a short lady like me... Usually I have the toughest time looking for bottoms that aren't sweeping the floors. They are also fitted but since the material is a little thicker they don't show anything.

Bonus,  I have a coupon for $20 off your $50 purchase. I will be going back and getting some more colors!


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