Monday, June 2, 2014

Outlet Mall Retail Therapy.

This past weekend I had an outlet mall shopping date with the bff. Was in need of some retail therapy. I may have done a little damage to the bank account while there, but well worth it.

We stopped by the Coach store and was pleasantly surprised when we were handed a coupon for 50% off your entire purchase.


Even if I had no intentions of purchasing anything there, I needed to take advantage of the great deal! The husband would probably say differently. Men just don't understand.

One hour later, we made our purchases. Yes, it took us like an hour to figure out what we wanted to get. Ha. I decided on a pair of new sun glasses and a purse.

Now, I am typically not one to spend anything over $5 for sunglasses because I am notorious for losing or scratching the lense. But I saw these, and it was love at first sight. I knew they had to be mine and I would take could care of them.

I browsed through all the purses and this beauty caught my eye. Thought it was the perfect summer purse. Love the color and soft leather material. The pink inside screamed me, of course.

Then I went to the Fossil store and bought the tortoise shell watch I've been wanting since this post. This is originally what I had planned to purchase at the outlet mall, just got a little side tracked. So happy that I finally got it.

After leaving the outlet mall and returned to my car. I stopped by a christian bookstore in the area to buy some new books. I don't have a christian bookstore near me, so wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Also, wanted to buy the Jesus Calling devotional that I have been hearing so much about.

There was a Payless Shoestore next to the christian bookstore, so I stopped to look around and found these little guys!

I have really been loving the "anchor" theme lately. Thought they were cute for the casual summer days.

There you have it. My little shopping haul over the weekend.


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