Tuesday, July 29, 2014

KTLO (Keeping the lights on)

I have been in this mode for the past weeks... months. Basically, just doing omy best to make sure what needs to be done to keep work going is happening. Seriously, it's one thing to have that every now and then... but a consistent week after week is just not healthy. It's not just me feel this way, my whole team is feeling the same. Work has been so busy and overwhelming. We have a ridiculous work volume and not enough people. I believe I (and my team) have quoted "barely just keeping my head above water" a few thousand times. No bueno.

Last week, a colleague and I had a heart to heart with my Senior Manager regarding the work load. She completely understood what we were saying and ensured us that her and our manager have already been in discussion about the work load and the need for another person on our team. She recognized the efforts that we have been doing and that we would have some relief soon. Overall, the conversation went really well and made us feel better that leadership is seeing what's happening and are doing something about it.

I think there can be this hesitation on one's part (especially mine) to speak up when you are feeling overwhelmed, because you don't want to come across as weak or a cry baby. I can work myself to death before going to my manager and telling her that I can't do it. Not a good thing. And it's probably in part to past job roles that I've had and my pride that makes this hard for me. Thankfully, I have leaders that do listen and want to have an open relationship with us. Which to me, is what a true leader should do. In the end, your team does the work and keeps things going. If they are not happy and are struggling, the work and quality is going to be affected.

So, I am going to keep pushing through the work load as I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.



  1. Totally been feeling the same in my current work situation. Constant deadlines and my inbox is overflowing. We too were assured that additional help is coming soon so I am just keeping my head up and doing the best I can do. Good luck :-)

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