Saturday, July 5, 2014

Polar FT4.

I got this baby in the mail on Thursday. It was like Christmas in July!

My new fitness BFF. Isn't she so cute! Still working on a name for her. Suggestions are welcome. 

I had been going back and forth on whether to get this or something like the Fitbit that can be worn all day and monitors your sleep. Some of the people on my work team have this and were raving about it. But then vanity got the best of me. I knew that I wouldn't want to wear that bracelet all day and in work clothes. Won't go well with the rest of my arm candy. So I opted to stay with my original plan, the Polar FT4. 

On Friday morning, I was so excited to go to the gym mainly to test out my new toy. It comes with this chest strap that has the heart monitor. I was a little hesitant about this thinking that it would be annoying. Once I had it on and started my cardio, no problem. I tuck it right under the bottom of by sports bra so it doesn't feel like I have something additional on and stays right in place. 

One thing I learned is that the monitor apparently transmit the signal of my heart rate to the treadmill, so I can easily see it while exercising. 

Another added point, this whole time prior to getting this watch, I thought I was burning 100 calories when in reality I was burning more. The watch has more details of my body (height,weight,age,gender) and can better calculate my calorie burn.

On another note about exercising, I've hit a another milestone folks. I have been able to jog 20 minutes! Get excited people! I see a 5k in my future. Last week I celebrated being able to do 15 minutes. We're movin' on up :)


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