Monday, September 22, 2014

Meal Plan: Week 5

Guys. Lately, I have had a sick obsession with oatmeal. It has been my breakfast meal of choice every time I am home. Cinnamon oatmeal with bananas and walnuts to be exact. As if I were some 80 something...Which, I could easily fall into that age category in other ways than just my love for oatmeal.

In my defense, I got the idea from one of the Mowry sisters. Don't remember which. But one of them posted a picture on their IG account of having this. I tried it and loved it. It's like a banana bread oatmeal. A-MAZING!

Doesn't always look that "nice". Only for picture taking purposes.

I want to try some concoction with pumpkin. Duh, it's Fall. All things Pumpkin is a must.

Okay, on to the purpose of this post. Meal Plan for the week. With my slacking in the blogging world, there has been a hiatus on my meal plan posts. Not to say, I haven't been meal planning, because that has continued.

So I am here with this week's meal plan.

All recipes courtesy of Skinny Taste. I seriously love her blog. I'm sure she gets a thousand hits on her blog a week from me alone. And, even better news.... she came out with a skinnytaste cook book!

It's on my to-buy list.


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