Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wedding: DIY projects and Shopping Deals

People. It is Thanksgiving week. #mindblown I know I say this everytime the holidays come around, but seriously, where has the time gone? October came and went. I've accomplished NOTHING on my Fall Bucket list except for go on a road trip. Which I failed to blog about because time is rare privilege now a days. I don't have much planned for Christmas. The husband and I joke about how "odd" it is that we haven't been invited to any holiday parties. PURE SARCASM. We never are invited to anything. But in our defense, I don't think any of our friends do Christmas parties anymore. I guess once you have kids, its all about them. At least that is what we tell ourselves.

Okay, enough complaining. So this weekend I was in full wedding planning mode. The friend's wedding is this Sunday!? It is finally here and I have been crafting my little heart away. I worked on a couple DIY projects....

Bows for the ceremony aisle chairs.

Table numbers for the Reception.

For the record, I hand painted those numbers myself. No stencils. They turned out awesome! I was so happy with them.

Banner for the "Cards" Box.

I have been having so much fun just listening to Christmas music while working on these things. But one thing I will say I have NOT been enjoying, and the husband will 100% agree, is the mess it is working with burlap. Sheds EVERY WHERE. There was a lot of lint rolling and vaccuuming going on after each project. #weddingplannerproblems

The next to-do items on my list are the table assignment board, chalkboard signs, and a couple other little things. Will work on those this week.

Speaking of chalkboard signs, this weekend I ran out to Joann's and Kirklands for some items for the wedding and found the most adorable chalkboard at Joann's. My heart skipped when I saw it on the shelf then nearly stopped when I saw that $55 price tag. But I wanted it. So, I immediately pulled out my phone, searched for a coupon and the heavens opened up and shined its light upon me with a 60% off any item coupon. I grabbed it and strolled my happy little butt to the check out line. I was so excited that I immediately shared it on IG.

Then, I walked over to Kirklands and saw this little guy with a sale tag of $20. I have been wanting a self standing chalkboard sign for some time now to use at the entrance of our house. This was perfect.

So pleased with these finds. Will be using them for the wedding on Sunday and then home decor.

And that's how it's done.


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