Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gaylord Palm's ICE.

Yesterday, we made the trip to the Orlando are to visit Gaylord Palm's ICE exhibit. They host this annually and it's quite the hit. The last time I went was five years ago and boy has it grown since then. When we went, there was ICE, a little Christmas shop, and hot cocoa. Now the activities are endless, Snow tubing, Gingy's gingerbread decorating, ICE Blocks Bar (for the adults), snack bar and more. Each with it's own price tag of course. 

We were just interested in viewing the ICE exhibit. This year's theme was The Nutcracker. 

Before entering the exhibit, they showed a quick video to show how the ice sculptures came about.

Bundling up in the provided blue parkas. We brought our gloves, hats and scarves to help keep us in warm in the 9 degree temperatures! It didn't really help. Still froze our tushes in there.

They have slides made of ice that you can enjoy. It was freezing and the line was long. We just walked through this area.

The last room was the Nativity Scene. Made me happy to see this at the end. He is the reason for the season.

After the exhibit, we drove to Downtown Disney. It's like ten minutes from this hotel. We were thinking about walking around and having dinner there. That was until we were surprised with ridiculous traffic thanks to all the construction going on over there. I swear. Every where you look, there is construction going on in Florida. SMH. Realizing that parking was going to be a challenge, we just went home, had dinner and got started on my puzzle!


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