Monday, December 29, 2014

Read: Balancing It All

Who was not a fan of Full House growing up? Hello, #teamunclejesse. Oh how I remember wishing I could be DJ Tanner and have her room. I was quite sad after the last season of Full House and the fact that Candace basically dropped off the face of the earth. Fast forward over ten years and she is back in the show biz. Yes, I have watched her made for TV movies on the Hallmark channel. Don't judge.

I bought this book a couple weeks ago to read during my holiday break and much to my surprise, I finished it in just over a day. I started reading it Christmas morning after we opened gifts, then read some more after we came home from parents house. It was a very peaceful Christmas day for us.

I really enjoyed the book. It was as though I was sitting next to her sipping some coffee and her just sharing her wisdom with me. An easy read, clearly, and had a lot of good life lessons. Some I could relate to as a Christian, wife, and working woman. Others I can't at this time but will sometime in the future.

Each chapter she focused on an area in her life such as childhood TV show Full House, family, marriage, parenting, faith, relationships, volunteering and current career. As we all know, her faith in the Lord is important to her, so each area was supported with her faith and biblical scripture.

She shares that her faith wasn't always a priority in her life. She struggled at times. Had her peaks and valleys. Don't we all? I think that is what I appreciate about her and this book. Made her so relatable. Gave me the "if she can do it, so can I" mindset.

It's so refreshing when you see celebrities who have values and make good role models. Unfortunately, not something you see often.

If you're in search of an easy read and some food for thought on life, I recommend this to you!


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