Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog Updates.

We recently had family photos taken and they turned out amazing! Will post a few some time this week.

During that session my friend got a couple headshots in for my blog which I am so grateful for! I finally have a picture on the blog! This has inspired me to make some more updates around the blog that I have been wanting to do.

Some of the changes, in addition to an actual side profile picture, are:

I cleaned up my labels to be the topics of this blog. Also, I made sure they all started with a capital letter which proved to be more challenging than I thought! You will find the categories on the right. With these added, I removed the tabs up top to just home and about for now. Will add a couple more when ready.

Speaking of the about page... I updated that to include some information about yours truly. Still a work in progress but you get the point.

While updating the blog, I also updated the other social media sites I use such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the new profile picture. True story, I had the same profile picture on my Facebook for almost four years. I remember when I used to change that bad boy like every week! Oh how times have changed.

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