Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Five | Edition No. 1

Usually, I am excited for Fridays, except for today. This means I only have two days left before I go back to work. #boo

This week off has been just what I needed. I did some major cleaning and purging of things. I had a lot of stuff that I have been holding on to that I really never used and were taking up space. It's like the beginnings of a hoarder. I REFUSE to let that happen. So Goodwill made a killing with me this week.

I've also had a lot of time to brainstorm and focus a little more on The Current Confidential. I really do enjoy blogging. Writing and site layout/design. Seriously makes me think that my English teacher in high school saw something I didn't see when she recommended I go on a field trip to the Tampa Tribune offices...

Something I would like to begin doing on the blog are Friday Fives. Can't promise I will always be consistent but I will do my best. Basically talk about five things that are on my mind. Range from anything to something I did that week, current events, books, makeup, fashion, home, etc. Skies the limit. Lots of bloggers do this, so I'm no genius on this idea. Hope to introduce you readers to new things!

Here goes my Friday Five Edition 1.

Into the Woods
On Monday, I went to the theater with a friend to watch this movie. I really enjoyed the movie. It was basically all musical, which for a musical lover like me, I loved! Anna Kendrick is quickly making her way on my girl crush list. She did such a great job. I was surprised with some other actors/actresses with their hidden singing talents. Who knew Emily Blunt and Chris Pine can hold a tune? My only ehh about it was that I think it felt a little long. I would say about three quarters in I was like, okay when is it ending?

Female Entrepreneur Association
I happened to come across this site from a pin on Pinterest. According to their site, it is "an online hub with the mission of inspiring and empowering women from around the world to turn their ideas into a reality, build successful businesses and life a life they love". I perused the site and it is full of great resources from articles, tutorials, videos, and more. In my opinion, this is a great site for not just female entrepreneurs, but all females in the work force. I signed up for the mailing list. Can't wait to do some more digging in this site.

Kate Spade x Keds
How fun are these? Party on the feet! An IGer posted a picture of these and I was smitten. I must have these. I have some black glitter TOMS that are on its way out and have been eyeing the silver glitter ones to purchase. Mind changed, I want these babies in my closet!

Liatorp Sideboard
Yesterday, we went to Ikea to purchase this beauty. It is going in my office. Can't wait for the mister to put it together so I can start adding all my knick knacks! I have had the money saved up for some time now and finally had the chance to go make the purchase.

The Tilted Tea Cup Tea Room
We had afternoon tea on Wednesday at the Tilted Tea Cup. If you didn't already know, the husband and I love doing high tea. I believe we have been to pretty much all the tea rooms in the Tampa area and try to find spots when we are on vacations. We've been to this place before lunch and wanted to go again and try their afternoon tea. To our surprise, they actually relocated to a bigger place in the same area. We realized this when we went to their old location and it was a vet office. The new location is charming and definitely much bigger. There food was delicious! I think it has moved up to our number one fave spot. Before we left, the owner mentioned their Valentine's special... they will be having a Paris theme and horse drawn carriage rides. So, we know what we will be doing this Valentine's day.


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