Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Five | No. 2

TGIF! I couldn't be more ready for the weekend. Fortunately, my first week back after the holidays was pretty slow, so I don't have too much to complain about. However, I sure do miss being able to wake up on my own and not at the sound of an alarm!

Here are today's five

Biosilk Shine On Spray
The other day I was going through my beauty stash underneath my bathroom sink and saw I had this. Some time ago I bought this pack of Biosilk Silk Therapy and Biosilk Shine On Spray. When I long hair, I loved using the Silk Therapy on my ends. Now that I have shorter hair, I don't really like to use it because it will make my hair look greasy. When I saw the Shine On spray, I thought I would give it a try. It's perfect. Helps tame the rebellious strands of hair (thank you humidity) without making it look greasy. My hair is really soft to run through. This might sound weird, but I love the smell of Biosilk.

There are two collaborations that I am excited about. The Lilly Pulitzer/Target and Alice and Olivia/Starbucks. Last year, Alice + Olivia did a collaboration with Starbucks and they had the cutest striped tumbler with a tutu that I splurged on. I got a little crazy and bought the female bear as well because it was just adorable. I love this new tumbler!

Mark your calendars, April 19th, Lilly Pulitzer for Target is happening. Get your running shoes on and fists in air. I get the feeling there will be quite a turn out for this. Will need to get there bright and early as I know these items will be flying off the shelves quickly!

Last week I had a crafting day with a good friend of mine and we made some burlap wreaths. The wreaths proved to be a little more challenging to make than we initially expected. The tutorial we were following stated 15 minutes. Yeah times that by like 8. Took a while for us to do. Granted there was a cookie break in between. Also, by the end of the project, we worth covered in burlap fuzz. It was awesome.

I follow this account on Instagram and seriously, the doxie pup is total cuteness. I always show the Mister the videos and pictures as they post and our hearts melt. How these people manage to get these dogs in the most adorable poses is beyond me. I can barely get Addie to stay focus long enough for my phone to focus on her and snap the picture!

Special Art Project
Last week, my friend the photographer asked if I could help with a special project she was working. She was creating a book trailor for a lady and was hoping I could paint on a large paper the book cover. I jumped at the opportunity and worked on it this week. It turned out pretty good and the author of the book really liked the painting. Can't wait to see the final trailor when done.


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