Sunday, January 4, 2015

Live Life Beautifully journal.

So about a month ago,  when I was sick and bed ridden, I did a lot of blog reading and instagram stalking browsing. Somehow I came across Life Lived Beautifully and was so inspired by Gretchen's posts. This girl's love for Jesus is so vivid throughout her blog that it encourages me to want to love Him more!

As I was looking around her site, I came across her shop and saw the journals that she made. Then I watched her videos and thought to myself, I wanted one! I debated between the Give Me More Jesus and the Live Life Beautifully journal. Honestly, it was not an easy choice. I did consider getting both, but knowing myself, I may get overwhelmed having both. I wanted to set myself for success and not failure by getting one.

When I read the description for Live Life Beautifully, I liked that it like my new years resolution in a book. I can write in it during my quiet time and reflect.

The new "Live Life Beautifully" journal for 2015 was created to encourage women to live their lives intentionally for the glory of God. Instead of simply making a new years resolution, we should make commitments to follow Jesus, serve others, and share the gospel. This journal has been intentionally designed to help you craft your mission statement, dream big, and plan ways to serve Jesus and remember what He has done throughout the year.

First of all, can we talk about how pretty the cover is??? I'm a sucker for cute girly stuff. It makes me smile. This journal is so me!

There is a letter from her to the reader about the book. Also pages with quotes and bible verses.

Then there is a section with a whole bunch of questions for you to answer. Where you came from, your role model, gifts, talents, passions, I started filling in some of the pages. Gotta tell ya. Some of them weren't easy to answer. Some of them even made me a little emotional. It's clearly working!

Where I really got stuck was the Mission Statement. Basically, you create your mission statement you wish to live by. Still working on that.

Then she gives you an area to make lists... things you want to do, read, adventures and scriptures to memorize. This section spoke to this little Type A personality's heart. No surprise, I had quite the reading list. And I've already added a couple more to that list!

Here an example of what a week looks like.

I think what I appreciate about this journal is that it captures all areas of your life. Not just spiritual, but personal goals. I love what this book has already started in me and look forward to this year.


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