Monday, August 24, 2015

B&BW 3 Wick Candle Sale.

This weekend I shopped the 2 for $24 candle sale at Bath & Body Works. It's about the only time I will purchase their candles is when it's on sale. Spending $22.50 on a candle is just silly. When we need another candle and they don't have a sale going on, I will usually purchase a Target candle cause they are just as good and half the price!

Now that fall is coming around the corner, I am excited to start getting the Fall scents going in my home. The two scents we chose were Lakeside Sunrise and Sweater Weather.

I feel like Lakeside Sunrise is a good Summer-Fall transition scent. Let's be real with ourselves... I live in Florida and it's not really going to feel like Fall until October/November.

They didn't have my favorite scent which is Leaves at the location I went too. Hopefully they will bring it soon!

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