Saturday, August 22, 2015

Celebrating Taylor and Reese.

Today I went to my friend, Taylor's baby shower to celebrate her sweet baby girl, Reese. Her sister was a wonderful host, no surprise. She hosted my friend's first shower and it was so cute.

Funny story leading up to the event. I saw on the invite that it was being held at one of the church campuses. Assuming that it was being held at one of the campuses, my friend and I headed out to that campus, only to pull up to an empty parking lot. Oops! We pulled up the address from the invite and made our way to the other campus. Needless to say, we arrived 30 minutes late and of course, the building was practically all glass so we couldn't make a discrete entrance. But hey, we got there.

Here are some pics from the shower.

They had a waffle bar. How fun?!

Can't wait to meet the little girl soon! :)

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