Sunday, August 23, 2015


Today we went to church. Confession. It's been months since we've gone to church and I'm ashamed to admit that. We stopped going to the church we had been attending for about three years and was just in a weird phase. Weren't sure if we wanted to go back to the church we were attending prior or try some place new.

The church we had been attending before, I loved. The worship. The pastor's message. The energy. It was great. My only issue, at the time, was that it's a big church. For an introvert like me, this was very intimidating! I wanted to get involved but couldn't work the courage to do so. We were there for about a year and nothing. So we started attending a smaller church and got involved. It was perfect for us. After three years of being there, we just felt we needed a change.

Then we fell in this funk for months. Until finally, yesterday I thought to myself. This needs to stop! So I told S, we are going to church!

I woke up early this morning. Made breakfast, got ready and went to the first church we attended. Boy am I glad we did! I needed it. I missed it. There is something about being surrounded by other believers and worshipping our God. The sermon Angel of Light was about the invisible world. Some serious stuff right there. Way to whip someone back into shape!

Another good thing is that we now know some people there which will make the getting involved part a little more easier!

It's good to be back.

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