Sunday, August 16, 2015


We had some beautiful weather this morning and decided to take advantage of the break from rainy weather to head down to South Tampa for lunch. I was in the mood for Piquant, a french inspired restaurant and bakery. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner there but I've only had their lunch. Oh, their dessert display is mouth watering and I wanted to take a picture of it but it was so busy. Could not get a good shot to save my life.

I had the chicken salad sandwich with a side salad. Same meal I get every time I go (creature of habit), however I don't recall the sandwich being so big! I had a bit of the croissant and ate the inside as to save my carb binging for dessert.

S got the Duck Confit and Grains salad.

Then came dessert. A delicious cronut filled with Nutella and the world's largest latte. A co-worker of mine introduced this amazingness to me and it is now a must every time we visit.

Across the street from Piquant is this apartments, I'm assuming, with a share court yard. I thought it was so cute.

After running some errands, I am now home giving myself a mani while its storming outside. Enjoying what's left of my weekend before the work week.

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