Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blog-tember Challenge: Day 15 | What's in my (work) bag?

Michael Kors Bag - When I got my promotion, I decided to reward myself with a "nice" bag. I purchased this bag from the Michael Kors outlet and it has worked great for me. I am able to fit my laptop and other essentials easily. The material is durable and easy to clean. The wide straps help not to cut the circulation in my arms when carrying everything around. Also, the side compartments help me to easily organize some of my smaller items.

Notebook - I am a write things down person. I always like to carry a notebook to meetings and have something to jot down notes if on a call.

Pencil Case - This is just a makeup bag from Victoria's Secret that I am using to store smaller "tech" items such as mouse, ear phones, cables, etc.

Work Badge

Kate Spade Wallet and Business Card Holder (Always good to have your business cards with you!)

Hand lotion/Dior Lipgloss/Extra Gum/iPhone 5/Swarovski Pen/Work Laptop

(Not shown in picture) Planner - I am currently using this planner. It's the collab of The Day Designer with Blue Sky Planners that was available at Target. I love that each day has an hourly schedule and a to-do list. Type A's dreams come true!

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